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Hello, I'm Jason Ham. Thanks for supporting me! 

Cub scout popcorn sales fund a major portion of our pack supporting to operate campouts, field trips, supplies and service projects. Up to 75% of sales goes back to the scout, our pack and the council. 

Trails End has a scholarship program which will donate 6% of the revenue from a scout's popcorn sales back to the scout in the form of a college scholarship. To be eligible, a scout must sell $2500 worth of cub scout popcorn in a single year. The scout only needs to hit this goal once to be eligible for the 6% every year after. 

Please go to Home and click "Buy popcorn" to go to trails end popcorn site to buy popcorns. We also accept donation in this page! Click "Donate Now" to use paypal to donate to our pack 227!

Thank you for supporting us! And have a great day!